Aims & Objectives


The ISSU is the national representative body for school students in the Republic of Ireland. Membership is based on the student council model, and the ISSU aims to provide support, training and assistance to member student councils.

Through this support, the ISSU aims to foster a stronger student voice at all levels of the education system. Schools students should be involved in all matters that directly affect them, and this means having a seat at the decision-making table and being respected as an equal stakeholder.

The ISSU is run for students, by students.

The ISSU Charter for Student Voice notes two distinct statement for the organisation.

Vision Statement

“The Irish Second Level Students’ Union shall work towards an education system in which the views, opinions and contributions of students are respected and in which students are recognised as an official partner in creating an education that is centered around and caters best for students”

Mission Statement

The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union will be an agent and a catalyst for change in the Irish education system, seeking to advance education by involving young people actively in all aspects of their education, and thus empowering young people to realise their voice”

Furthermore, Article 5 of the ISSU Constitution notes;

The ISSU shall work:

  • For an education and training system open to all, irrespective of any consideration, including consideration of national origin, ethnic background, ability, age, religion, sex, sexuality, political beliefs or economic circumstances, so that each individual can realise their full potential.

  • For an education and training system which truly serves the interests of the second-level students of Ireland, therefore including the economy and the future generations of Ireland.

  • For the provision of adequate student services which directly benefit students. The ISSU also advocates for involvement of students in how these services are run and organised.

  • To represent, provide support, train and work with student councils (or equivalent school student representative system).