2013 CAO offers

The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union would like to wish all students the very best of luck with their CAO applications today, however the ISSU urges all students to take time to asses your options.Most students are very apprehensive this morning as they consider their options carefully. Many have close to the same points, or slightly less than what their course was last year, they are extremely concerned that the points could rise and they will miss out.The Union has welcomed the overall increase in the numbers taking higher level Maths his year, however yet again we are cautious the success of ‘Project Maths’. The ISSU will publish a national student opinion survey on Project Maths in the coming weeks.Students are urged to take time to asses their options and consider their futures carefully. The NPCpp helpline is available on 1800 265 165 and further information is available from the ISSU website or by contacting the ISSU Team directly. We would like to remind students that if you do not get your first choice it is not the end of the world. There are many different routes into your course and you should seek advice if you are in this situation. It is recommended that you view all exam scripts should you have a concern about particular grades, and exhaust all efforts in getting where you want to be.