Leaving Cert Economics

Emmet - Higher Level

The Economics Paper was quite difficult but none the less do-able. I mainly concentrated on the macroeconomics questions 5,6,8 and a microeconomics question 4. The economics on the government concentrated on emigration, push and pull factors, the reasons, advantages and disadvantages of emigration. The contribution of John Maynard Keynes was also asked in question 8. In question 5, we were asked about the reasons for recent global population growth, the benefits to LDC's experience economic growth and also how that growth would affect Irish firms. The economist Robert Thomas Malthus and his population theory was asked and we were asked if that theory was still relevant to today.Question 4 asked us on economic rent, supply price and transfer earnings and importance of entrepreneurship to the Irish economy. question 6 we were asked about whether3rd level students should contribute to 3rd level costs and benefits and disadvantages of that. Also the short questions had a greater variety of microeconomics questions to previous years. functions of the ECB, reasons for development of black economy and how it affects the exchequer.The short questions overall were quite nice. In retrospect, I found that the economics paper did en-devour to ask theory, it also managed to conjure up questions across the board that that required outside thinking to answer non theory based questions. the questions were articulated in such a definite and precise manner that there was no way to escape or bluff through a question. it focused on peoples knowledge of current affairs and managed to draw out their interest in the macroeconomics questions. I did find that there was a lot of sub questions which did make the paper a little more trickier and sometimes easier. I think that the exams commission did a splendid job in maintaining the integrity of the paper.

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