BT Young Scientists Generation Information

Ever notice how much information we're bombarded with every two minutes? These days we don't have to look far for the info we want, sports results, global news and celeb scandals are available at our fingertips with the touch of a button. We are Generation Information, probably the most informed teens the world has ever seen! And not surprisingly armed with all of this info, we have a few opinions! After the results of a survey on over 200 students showed that 70% of us feel adults do not value our opinions, the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is giving us a platform and a chance to communicate these opinions, after all, it's good to talk. Eight members of 'Generation Information' have been handed a camera with no script or direction, the only rule is that we speak our mind on issues that affect us every day! Take a look at our videos, do you agree with our views? The 2013 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition will take place in the RDS (Royal Dublin Society), Dublin from January 9th -- 12th.  For more information on the exhibition visit or connect on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, you can call 1800 924 362 (ROI) or 0800 917 1297 (from NI).1. Recession: this video was made by Josh O’Connell from Killian's College, Bray.[youtube id='MLx4mnFoFuk' width='980' height='540']2. Educational Preparation: this was made by Daniel Hobbs from Maynooth Post primary and asks students do they feel the education system has adequately prepared them for life after school.[youtube id='z3NHYcvCKRo' width='980' height='540']3. The Effects of Reality TV: this was made by Ciara Judge from Kinsale Community College.[youtube id='zGAmOwA5G_U' width='980' height='540'] 4. Daniel Hobbs - Social Preparation[youtube id='mNcmnvZQYNE' width='980' height='540'] 5. Michael Upton - Rural Living[youtube id='i_XFPncDetI' width='980' height='540'] 6. Daniel Nelson - Can Sport Help to Keep a Healthy Balance[youtube id='cWPTUAMSnVg' width='980' height='540']