A Guide to the CAO Change of Mind Process

If you have already submitted an application form, you can submit a Change of Mind form to the CAO.  You can change the level 8 and or level 6/7 courses from your original application, except for restricted application courses/restricted categories of applicant (see page 4 of the CAO handbook).

How do I do it?

Log onto www.cao.ie and complete the process there.  There is no charge, you can do it more than once, and the closing date is July 1st at 5:15pm.  We recommend that you keep a record of any submissions until you receive confirmation of any changes from the CAO in the post.


What if I don’t want to change my application?

Don’t complete a change of mind form; you don’t need to take any action.


Will I receive confirmation?

Yes – if you do not receive this by the 7th of July, contact the CAO immediately.  You will need to provide proof that you submitted a change of mind form.


Where can I find out more?

The CAO website – www.cao.ie