#ClassicalStudies - #LC2017 - Katie Dignam

Katie Dignam - Ratoath CollegeI was very happy with the exam and think it went very well. All the questions were pretty straightforward and manageable. I answered on the Odyssey and the theme of hospitality which was a nice question as this is a very central theme. I answered on both Oedipus and Medea and I was happy with these questions as they were both on scenes that I was familiar with and had done questions on before. I was also happy with Alexander as there was a question on a battle and I was delighted that portrait sculpture came up as I didn't get around to studying relief sculpture. I think overall that it was a very fair exam.Check out more exam blogs here: http://issu.ie/the-issu-…/issu-exam-blogs-leaving-cert-2017/#StateExams2017