#ClassicalStudies - #LC2017 - Sarah Ní Chonghaile

#LC2017 #ClassicalStudiesSarah Ní Chonghaile - Ratoath CollegeHonestly, I was delighted with this paper as the sculpture and painting questions were very straight forward. I did the two Aeneid questions as I could spend all day criticising Aeneas- abandoning your girlfriend hmmm I smell a rat! I liked the Alexander the Great question about his relationships with women as I'd prepared that last month! The Oedipus question was very nice as well as it required me to use my critical thinking skills quite a bit! It was a very nice paper overall and I'm hoping that a good grade comes out of it!Check out more exam blogs here: http://issu.ie/the-issu-…/issu-exam-blogs-leaving-cert-2017/#StateExams2017