CSPE - #JC2017 - Diego Brule

Diego Brule - Colaiste Einde Salthill GalwayBeing a climate change activist, and a member of the ISSU, I went into this test pretty confident, although I really didn't know what to expect. I was just praying that climate change or some other topic that I'm passionate about would come up so I can rant for a bit. (Yeah I do that a lot)And I wasn't too wrong to be confident. First few pages flew by, only being confused by anything that was in Irish because in CSPE you can kind of really use common sense to answer anything, but when there's Irish involved and you don't know a word of it you get really confused. (Even though the only Irish word that came up was Áras an Uachtaráin.)

Then the infographics, they were fun enough, as the answers were literally all there and you got to learn something from them too. For example, I learned that co. Donegal lost 7000 people to emigration in 2016 (fun fact?)And finally, the long questions. Before turning into this page I felt the sense of excitement you feel when you're scratching out scratch lottery, but this time I actually won, because, as I wanted, climate change came up, in the form of an Earth Hour question. And it asked me to write a speech. Yasss.I got a weird look from my examiner because of the little smirk I had from writing this speech. But hey, you gotta put emotion into a speech to make it a good one. Oh no. Just as I'm writing this I remember I forgot to answer the last part of that question. It was something along the lines of 'What can your school do to help stewardship of the Earth'. I was on the Green Schools committee and know a thousand different answers to this, WHY DID I FORGET?Oh yeah, because I was having so much fun drawing the poster. Oops.Oh well, I got a chance to write a speech (I love writing and giving speeches so much) and I got to draw a little. 'Twas a fun exam. I hope those 8 forgotten marks don't take my A.