CSPE - #JC2017 - Luke Casserly

Luke Casserly - St. Mel's CollegeSo CSPE was nice and handy like I expected! The short questions were very simple. The first buildings question was linked with the pillars of CSPE which I think threw a few people off. The rest were grand, except for a fill in the blank question asking for the second name of the new UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, I was happy to get it after seeing him on the news a few days ago, but Ban Ki-Moon lovers were heartbroken.The next section involved answering questions on various documents, which again were handy.For my long question, I chose question one which was based around Age Action Ireland. I felt this was the easiest one to choose and worked out really well because it was very like ones we practiced in class.Overall I'm really happy with CSPE and hoping for the A!