English - #JC2017 - Ellen Kenny

Ellen Kenny- Meánscoil Mhuire LongfordSo today was the first of the Junior Cert exams, starting with English. After the mocks, I think a lot of people were dreading the English exam and its restricted time; I definitely was. In the end though, I was actually surprised at the exam. Even though we still had to do the same amount of questions in the same amount of time, it felt shorter overall.The first reading comprehension was simple and quick to read, and the poetry question was particularly good since it didn't ask for any themes shown in a poem, just your own understanding of it. The only strange thing was the absence of any questions about a novel, but after asking several questions about the poems and plays we've studied, the analysis of a novel might've seemed overwhelming.The Shakespearean extract was focused mostly on staging the drama, which can be easy enough, and the final question only needed a generic argument between a teenager and parent.Overall, it definitely wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be, but I suppose you can't really know how you did until September. At least I'll have to worry about the complexity of Shylock's character ever again! #JC2017 #StateExams #ISSU17