English - #LC2017 - Maeve Richardson

 Maeve Richardson - St. Annes Secondary School Tipperary TownYou know in a horror film when the character is approaching an empty corridor? And they shine their torch up onto the ceiling and the monster is suddenly there? Well, yeah that's how the approach to the morning of English paper 1 felt.

So, I saw the first comprehension and jumped right into it. Didn't even look at the others. (Rationality, exams and I are a non-existent combination) so I did the 'world of poetry' question A in about 30 mins. I didn't find this hard really, the visual elements to the images stood out quite clearly!Swiftly moved onto my question B from text 2. I wrote an opinion piece on news in the online world and the reliability of sources which I took as a green light to talk about 'fake news' and Trump. (Which weirdly enough I sorta predicted in my Vlog yesterday) So shoutout to the State Exams Commission for keeping it topical as ever.Finally for composing, which this year I believe had something for everyone. I did question 3 which was writing a speech about how to support democracy at the World Youth Conference and if you're anyway political like me, was a dream question. I sort of went into the history of democracy; its origins, its place in society today. While explaining how education is the best way to support it. (Guess being in ISSU has shown its benefits huh?)Overall it was a lovely paper and I'll be flat out studying for paper 2. So join in #prayingforplath and check in tomorrow for more blogs from us!#LC2017 #StateExams #ISSU17