#EnglishP2 - #LC2017 - Sarah Ní Chonghaile

Sarah Ní Chonghaile - Ratoath CollegeWow just when I thought I had my grade in my grasp paper 2 came along. I'm kidding it was fine but that hamlet question my god it was like a sadistic joke! Disturbing Psychological Thriller, I was very tempted to say that this describes my paper 2 but that would be unfair because my poetry went well. My favourites Boland and Keats were there for me just when I needed them! Boland was what I ended up doing but I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely the poetry was. Maybe that was to make up for Hamlet (CONSPIRACY). In fairness I did get hamlet done and it wasn't a half bad answer but it could have been better to be perfectly honest. The unseen poetry was lovely, a nice glass half full piece! And the comparative was a very fair question, very similar to other years in which general vision and viewpoint came up! Overall English was grand, paper 1 was my lifeline, paper 2 was just okay. But then again I've never been great at studying English so I can't be the perfect judge of the paper. I'm very happy that all my #beggingforboland paid off to be fair!You can read about our other LC Exam Bloggers experiences from today here: http://issu.ie/the-issu-exam-blogs-2017/issu-exam-blogs-leaving-cert-2017/#StateExams2017 #LeavingCert2017