French - #JC - Diego Brule

Diego Alonso Brule Galleguillos - Coláiste EindeIf there's one thing I love more than learning sciences, it's learning languages. There's something about it, that makes learning languages so interesting. Maybe it's because of the culture they carry, maybe it's the fact of being able to speak more than one language, or maybe because you think flirting will be easier in other languages.Anyways, French for me was quite simple. Grammar and vocabulary wise it's very similar to Spanish, which made the reading comprehension and written section very simple. But, Listening to it, always has been my nightmare. And of course, the exam has to start with this.Luckily though, this year's listenings were probably the easiest listenings that have come up so far (I've done all the exam papers for this too). Or maybe it's because I stayed up late last night listening to Emmanuel Macron's speeches in French?The rest of the exam was a breeze. Reading comprehension, and written. There was only one question that I can remember that asked for a word that I had absolutely no idea what it meant. But apart from that, the rest of the test went pretty good.I have to point a funny thing about this exam though, our exam centre has around 35 students, but only 6 of us did French. It's safe to say the examiner was disappointed, as she is a French teacher in her school.For the JC I'll be doing Spanish and French, hopefully for the LC I'm able to sit Italian as well! #StateExams2017