French - #JC2017 - Luke Casserly

Luke Casserly - St. Mel's CollegeI've done pretty well in French since first year so I wasn't overly worried about todays paper.It all started with the listening which I always find pretty tricky. An annoying echo in the hall made it even trickier. I think I coped well though! Section A and B were very easy but it got a little bit harder from there!Overall, the comprehensions were nice and I feel I done very well in them, but there were a couple of very hard questions in the last few extracts which I ended up having to guess.The written expression went good. I. flew through the note but stumbled with a couple of the points in the letter. I threw in a few nice phrases which I hope saved me!I'm happy with how French went and I'm looking forward to seeing the result!#StateExams2017