French - #JC2017 - Maria Hayes

Maria Hayes - Scoil RuainToday's French exam began with the listening comprehension. I am very happy with how this section of the exam went! I could understand the speakers much more easily than in the mocks, thankfully!Next I began the comprehensions which put me in the French 'zone'. I was happy with most of these questions with the exception of some of the questions in question 9. However I am happy with how I answered the questions!Last but not least I did the "written expression"! As I had thought, a note appeared as the first part of the question. I was well prepared for both a note or postcard so I didn't mind what the turnout was. I'm happy with how I wrote my note.The letter was the best part of the exam!! I love writing letters usually so this was my best section! I was delighted in the way that I could use "better late than never" in my letter. I learned this from the section 'Idioms and Proverbs' on the website/app "Duolingo". I had also prepared paragraphs for things I could be asked to write about in my letter. Thankfully nothing out of the blue appeared, except when I had to ask my pen pal if they had gone to the cinema recently. I think I handled that topic fairly well!I am delighted with how this exam went. I hope that the results won't disappoint me! Check out more exam blogs here: