Geography - #LC2017 - Art O'Mahony


 Art O'Mahony - St Patrick's Secondary School CastleislandSo at 9.30 I eagerly began with the short questions, which for the most part were relatively straight forward. At least compared to Examcraft!! The paternoster lake confused me a little and part of the coastal landforms, but over than that it wasn't awful. The weather chart was lovely for once! So I got that done in 30mins and decided to move onto the 80 marker option section at the back.
I decided to study Culture & Identity on my own rather than Geoecology because I'm really into history, so skip these few lines if you didn't do that. In any event, the essay titles in this section were lovely. "Conflicts can occur between political structures and cultural groups. Discuss." So I chose to discuss Northern Ireland, France, Belgium and the Congo. Write roughly four pages so here's hoping I got 6 SRPs from each aspect. That took me the required 35mins and calmed my nerves a small bit.So I moved from there to the Regional Section which is my favourite part. I drew Brazil in the 20 marker (if the examiner can make it out!) with the River Zinga, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia marked in. Couldn't think of a bloody mountain range! In any event, that part wasn't awful. The two 30 markers really suited me; tourism in the Paris Basin and physical factors affecting agriculture in the GDA. I'm hoping I got 15 SRPs in each of those, fingers crossed.Physical was a mixed bag -I chose a section where I knew the two 30 markers well but isostasy was poor by me. I'd be lucky to get half marks in that 20 marker. I did limestone pavement as my surface karst landscape with a diagram of carbonation occurring. Then I wrote about global distribution of volcanoes. Hopefully it won't cost me a grade...Finally, I did the Economic Section. I was caught for time so I tackled the 30 markers first. Colonialisation was pretty straight forward I think but explaining why or why not an MNC would invest in Macroom took a fair effort... So much so that I only got part ii) of the 20 marker done and the bones of the diagram. Here's hoping the project gets high marks!All in all, a mixed bag.#StateExams2017