Be Heard! Student’s it’s time to get signed up to vote

With a referendum on Voting @ 16 just around the corner, now is the time to get out and have young peoples opinions heard loud and clear! If you are 18 now, or will be 18 before February 15th you will have the opportunity and right to vote in next year’s upcoming referenda on everything from Marriage Equality to ensuring Gender Equality takes shape in the future of Ireland!Students and young people often are only considered as advisors; but with the prospect of a lower voting age and a high turnout of young people across Europe in recent elections and referenda, that’s all changing; Young People are having a big impact on the way their country is run! Studies show that Young People, when they get signed up and engaged in the discussions at hand, get out and vote! And the best part is, they vote in a progressive manner that tends to move the country towards more positive decisions!The bigger the turnout of young people in this referenda, the more positive the campaign for Vote@16 will become! Everyone deserves a say in democracy, including you! For example, young people are the driving force of the Marriage Equality campaign , and it will take more than convincing conservative minded people to support the changing of the meaning of the term ; “marriage”, it will take votes, and plenty of them, and many of them should be people like you and I! I’m not asking you to vote YES and I am not asking you to vote NO, but I am asking you to vote, and November 25th (This Tuesday!!) is your deadline to be heard! So? If your turning 18 before February 15th or already in the stages of early adulthood, now’s your time to make sure your voice is heard!Voting in elections and referenda are what drives this country forward, and you have a say in just what direction we go in! Don’t miss out! So many get caught at the last minute, and go to apply for the register a week before polling and find they can’t use their democratic right to have a say in issues concerning them. As a student activist, a secondary student, and a fellow young person who turns 18 this February, I want you to join me and thousands of other new voters in moving this country in our direction, because getting young voters out means giving young people a say in their Ireland, because after all it’s our generation that’s going to be really involved in the aftermath of this; be it positive or negative; it’s going to affect us; so I say: Let’s be Part of it! Signing Up to vote is so easy and you might be signed up already Click Here to check the register and Here if your not on the register to make sure you are on it in time! Remember you don’t have to be 18 now or before Tuesday to vote next year, once you meet the voting age by February 15th it’s your democratic legal right to have a voice in matters concering you! So get out and get voting, it’s time to be heard!