History - JC2017 - Diego Brule

 Diego Alonso Brule Galleguillos - Coláiste EindeIf you can quote me from before the mocks it would be something like 'Irish history is the most boring thing ever' but, when my history teacher said one of the essay questions is always definitely Irish history, it suddenly became the most interesting topic on the course.I knew the history exam was going to be a gamble, because, even though I prepared the two definite essay questions (WWII and 20th century Irish History), The essays weren't all there was to the exams. There was a whole blank space in my mind when it came to the reformation or the middle ages.So, I went into the exam, scared by the source papers because they promised questions about Neolithic Ireland. But it wasn't that bad actually. Section 2 was reading comprehension with a bit of background knowledge, which wasn't bad either. Section 3 was very simple short answer questions which I flew through.Everything was going fine until question 4. People in history. I prepared a few of these but none came up. I decided to prepare the ones I could manage to write the most about: A woman in the Roman Empire and A soldier on the D-Day landings.Question 5 was just as tough as it was purely reformation. And then my best-prepared question: Question 6. I did part C and D of it, and it was quite easy, the only problem was, that I left this section untill the end of the exam, which meant I didn't get to finish my last essay: The Cuban Missile Crisis. But I still wrote about two paragraphs more than in the mocks. Is that good enough?I'm kind of sad I won't see history again, as it's one of my favourite subjects and I didn't get the chance to pick it for LC, but, my hand is thankful that I'm not going to be writing these huge essays anymore. #StateExams2017