History - #JC2017 - Luke Casserly

 Luke Casserly - St. Mel's CollegeHistory is by far my favourite subject, so I was looking forward to this paper.I started off with Q6 and did Social Change in the 20th Century which I feel is pretty much common sense, I just hope I wasn't too vague! Then I did International Relations in the 20th Century which was grand - it's probably my favourite part of the course.After that I answered all of the short questions, the Document question and the source question which were very straight forward. Then, I started into Q4, People in History. I was raging to find out my favourites, Martin Luther and George Washington didn't come up but I settled for picking "A person who received land in a named plantation" for A and "A person working in a factory or coal mine during the industrial revolution" for B. I regret not doing these earlier as I was running out of time and ended up having to rush them. I'm just hoping I put enough in to pick up the marks! I finished off by really quickly by doing the picture question which was straight forward like usual.Overall I'm really happy with history! I just hope I put enough into my people in history answers!!Check out more exam blogs here: http://issu.ie/the-issu-exam-blogs-2017/Want to win a €100 One4All gift card? Fill out this survey: https://docs.google.com/a/issu.ie/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSffcmquGrgDKNJYdU9wnsBNSWGu8jwEHv6gGdik-y0KtcgnMw/viewform#StateExams2017