History - #JC2017 - Olivia Whelan

Olivia Whelan - Meánscoil Mhuire LongfordIn all, I really enjoy history, but like many others, coming up to a history exam I always get nervous as it's one of the more 'bulky' and 'heavy subjects. History always has me under pressure the night before studying.I was really hoping there would be a good selection of questions on this years paper.The exam began with the picture and document questions. These aren't too difficult as you're asked to refer back and get your answer from the passage or relate it to the picture. These questions were easily answered. Then followed 20 short questions where we had to answer 10, I did my best 10 with a few extra ones to be sure.Then it came to the people in history question, myself like others were hoping for Martin Luther or maybe another named person we had studied, but this year we were asked for example "a woman living in a names civilisation outside of Ireland" this is a very broad topic but I managed it well. After the two accounts , we had to read sources and answer questions , this went well and at the end we were asked to give a small account on a topic , we were very lucky to receives topics exactly to the mocks.Question 6 then my favourite section as I love Irish history , was to my favour very similar again to the mock , I was delighted with this and finished the exam with the renaissance and Irish history question. Overall I thought it was a very good paper. #StateExams2017