History - #LC2017 - Gabriele Grudyte

Gabriele Grudyte - St. Mary's Holy Faith Secondary School, KillesterSo the long awaited history exam paper is finally over. My hand is throbbing, feels like it's going to fall off. But it was all worth it. The cramming the night before, will hopefully pay off. The minute the examiner gives out the the papers my heart started racing hoping US foreign policy comes up but just my look it didn't, it's very disappointing when your favourite topic doesn't come up on any exam but on this exam it was heartbreaking. It was an easy enough paper as girls in my year would say "That was a lovely paper" . Apart from us foreign policy and the harrow match everything that I expected to come up came up. The thing about history is you can't squish information in that you've forgotten about no matter how hard you try. So you have to write everything down straight away. I suggest you write out the points your going to talk about on the exam paper so you don't forget to mention it. I know it may be time consuming but it proved to be very useful for me today. Today before the exam my class got together and brainstormed the essay which was surprisingly very helpful. Later in the exam y saw some girls leave early, which is something you want to avoid in the history exam. But overall I found the exam easy as in the topics that came up were manageable it's just the timing and the fact that your hand will most likely fall off after the exam. Feeling good about history.#StateExams2017