#History - #LC2017 - Sarah Ní Chonghaile

#LC2017 #HistorySarah Ní Chonghaile - Ratoath CollegeHonestly I was happy with the DBQ but I knew before I went in that I wouldn't get as much as I wanted written because my hand was already cramped from the week of intense writing prior! I was delighted to see partition on the sovereignty and partition section and the civil rights movement in the north reared its head in the NI section which I was delighted with. I wasn't too happy with the choices for the American section but I ended up doing a question about the American presidents' actions and if they were for good of America ( I detailed on war and said that it wasn't good and so on!) I was sufficiently happy with this paper but I would've preferred to have written much more!Check out more exam blogs here: http://issu.ie/the-issu-exam-blogs-2017/Want to win a €100 One4All gift card? Fill out this survey: https://docs.google.com/a/issu.ie/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSffcmquGrgDKNJYdU9wnsBNSWGu8jwEHv6gGdik-y0KtcgnMw/viewform #StateExams2017