Home Ec - #LC2017 - Michelle Chiperi Aivazova

Coláiste Einde - Galway.When I opened the paper, I panicked when I saw cheese processing. I didn't do an ounce of study in this, and I came to the conclusion that I didn't even study cheese, even though it's my favourite food :(Other then the cheese mishap, the exam went amazing!I flew through it, writing more than enough. I genuinely thought I'd be absolutely bummed for this subject, but now I think it'll be one of the best!I left the exam fifteen minutes early because I had looked through everything and I don't think there was anything else I could have done. I felt embarrassed walking in front of everyone else doing the exam, but they honestly didn't even look up to see me go.I hope they found it okay in the end!I'm not looking forward to English Paper II, but all I can do now is hope some last minute revision can help.