#HomeEc - #JC2017 - Emily Reilly

 #JC2017 #HomeEcEmily Reilly - Meánscoil Mhuire LongfordI was overall happy enough with the home economics paper this year. I didn't prepare myself much as I was too excited to finish up and was hoping to receive the B I got in the mock.The paper started off with Section A which consisted of 24 short questions but you only had to answer 20. I answered 24 as I wanted to be sure I'd get full marks for my best 20. The questions weren't too difficult as a few were repeated from the previous exam years.Section B consisted of 6 Long questions in which you had to choose 4 of your best questions. I managed to complete 5 as the examiners would mark my best 4. The question I was most confident with was about the family and the roles and responsibilities within a family but the question I did not answer was about fabrics which I find most difficult to study.I had plenty of time to look over my answers and I found the paper was fair overall. #StateExams2017