“Is anybody going to listen?”


The Irish Second-Level Students’ Union feels that the inadequate mental health facilities in second-level schools are severely damaging the wellbeing of our students. At present, there is very little support available in schools for students who are going through tough times. ISSU is campaigning for specialised and dedicated mental health counsellors to be introduced to second-level schools; we are fast falling behind the majority of European countries in this regard.The age at which young people are in second-level education is the age range during which many young people first experience problems associated with mental health and wellbeing thus it is essential that in all schools, there are adequate supports to support students experience difficulties in relation to mental health. A report published by Amnesty International today states that mental health is costing the state 3 billion per year. By supporting students at second level and dealing with mental health difficulties with early intervention, ISSU feels that in the long term the state will save millions. We have to care for or young people of today, the generation of tomorrow. Not only will they save millions but it will allow young people’s mental health problems to be dealt with and managed in a setting that is safe and familiar to them. This early intervention will allow young people to lead happier lives. We’ve suffered in silence for long enough. We need change. Is anybody going to listen?