JC French

Roisin (Higher Level)

Today we had French and history. The day started with French and I felt that it went pretty well. The listening section was easy enough; I think I only missed one or two answers. The reading comprehensions were all fine, except for number nine which was pretty tricky. The letter wasn't too bad either, I had all the vocab for it and I hope, all the right verbs! The short note was easier than the letter, I thought, but it usually is! Overall, I thought French was fine!

James (Higher Level)

This morning I had my French exam. This exam started with the tape section which was not too difficult to understand or answer. There were then several comprehensions to be answered in English. For the final part of the exam, I had to write a note and a letter in French. Learning my notes helped with this part of the exam. The last comprehension was tough but I feel the whole exam went well.