JC Maths Paper 1

Roisin (Higher Level)

Maths was a different story to geography... I was able to answer questions one, three and four straight off, but I couldn't get question two, five are six the first time. When I went back over it, I worked out question four, and most of question six, but question five was hopeless. :( It wasn't just me either... several of my friends came out convinced they had failed (they probably won’t have), having only been able to answer one or two questions.So I guess today was a day of mixed results, but at least it’s the weekend, and I can study hard for paper two and brush up on C.S.P.E. And sleep!

James (Higher Level)

After lunch today, I had Maths Paper 1. This exam was two and a half hours long and consisted of six questions. I managed to complete the first four without much trouble.However, question five and six proved to be difficult and I'm fairly disappointed, as I got a little caught for time. This was the toughest part of the Junior Cert for me so far.I'll continue to study over the weekend and prepare for next week. Talk soon, James.