Junior Cert CSPE


Hey guys!Lorraine here :) I'm just going to blog a little about the CSPE exam because I remember most of the paper so why not go on and on about it :PThere is such a stigma about CSPE and I think we have all at one stage cracked a few jokes about CSPE but if you actually try with it you'll be a happy person when you get your results. It's an Easy A so why not get an A?!60% percent of the exam is gone before you even go into the exam! The action project is worth that and I'm hoping I got the 60%! My class went to the Zoo for Stewardship for our Action Project and I'm not messing, it was class! Definitely a day out to remember and I still remember loads of facts from it. We were brought around for an hour and a half with a woman who told us all kinds of deadly information and then we were allowed to go around on our own for about 3 hours. For weeks after we all worked on our RAP forms and had them all completed.The actual exam? People were all like ''Ah sure this be grand!'' and some of the teachers were even cracking jokes about it :P The paper was 40% and I reckon I've passed anyway! The first question, the picture one, was photos of like the Dáil or the UN Parliament etc and you had to write the name under the pic and where it was located. I genuinely don't think I done well there cause we have never looked at them places, I obviously knew the Dail but who knows about anything else?! :)Q2 was all the short answer questions, it was mostly all about voting and the systems and stuff. Pretty easy stuff! Then we were told to pick 3 out of 4 of the next questions to do, its kinda like a reading comprehension, you get the info and you write the answers. They were based on the age card, charity shops etc. I always answer all of them.Section 3 was grand. 2 of the questions were about posters but they did have questions with them like. I chose a question about why a youth center should be in the area and I had to write a letter to a local TD on behalf of my class etc etc It was grand.I didn't leave, and I don't plan on leaving any of my exams early. There was 5 of us left at the end and I was working till the end-3pm! :)Good luck in the next few days all! Business tomorrow :O :(


Ahhh, CSPE.  Probably the easiest exam you will ever do in your life.I already had 60% of my final grade finished. For our Action Project, my class and I invited Gillian van Turnhout from the Children's Rights Alliance to speak to us about the rights of young people. It was very informative and enjoyable.The written exam itself was quite easy. Though most people seemed to have finished early, I was writing to the very last minute. I took my time at the start, so that slowed me down a little.Section 1 was probably the easiest it has ever been. There was nothing difficult about it at all. It was a great start. Section 2 again was easy. I planned on doing all the questions in that section, but I ran out of time. Here's hoping my answers are good! Section 3 was a breeze. It had a good variety of questions, nothing too difficult.Overall, it was a good paper. It was a nice break from the harder exams. Now to cram for French and History!


Well. CSPE. The hardest exam of the lot. Obvious sarcasm!There's not much I can really say about this exam. 40% of the marks were secured with my Action Project. My class invited the President to our school, so we wrote about that.The written exam covered that last handful of marks. Just 80. It was grand. Nothing hard. Nothing unpredicted. Nothing out of the blue.I finished Section 1, three questions from Section 2 and a question from Section 3 at about 1.50, so I went on and did an extra question and finished shortly after 2.00. I read over a few times, and decided to leave early. There was no point staying longer.There is not much one can say about CSPE, besides the above. At least tomorrow is Business! my best subject!

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