Junior Cert German

Sophie - Higher Level

Today was the German exam, even though I did pretty bad in the mocks, it was hard to be nervous. It was my second last exam. We began with the listening test. It wasn't overly hard, but as usual, I ended up guessing one or two answers. Then we had matching advertisements activity and an another more detailed advert, they were both very easy. Then we had two comprehensions, I was suprised that I could understand them. I happily went on to answering the questions that followed. But then the letter came along. The first couple of paragraphs went okay, but I found it got really hard towards the end. The short note was next. I knew it was an easy one but I was completely blank for words. I wasn't very confident, but I wrote it to the best of my ability. I had about 10 minutes at the end to look over everything. To say the least, I think it went well in the end.

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