Junior Cert Irish

Sophie - Higher Level

Today was the Irish exam, everyone was terrified coming into school today. When we got paper 1, I had a quick read through it. At the beginning there was the two “Leamhthuiscint”s, they weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. But even before that there was the listening test, I found it very easy. In the “Trialacha Teanga Comhtheacsula ”, I wasn’t very confident. But I gave it my best shot, although I’m not very good at grammar. We had to change the words into the present tense (Aimsir Laithreach ). Everyone was praying for the past tense, but the present tense is pretty easy too.I was really nervous about the “Ceapadoireacht” section at the end. I was so happy when I saw the “Laethanta Saoire” question. I knew exactly what to write. I wrote 2 A4 pages for that question. Which I was overjoyed with because that question was worth 50 marks. Paper 2 I found extremely hard. The unseen “Pros” I wasn’t sure what the story was about. But I think I answered it okay. The “Filiocht” I found average. I definitely answered well.Also the studied poetry was good I could use the poem “An Blascaod Mor Anois” so I was good in the poetry aspect of the paper. The Letter on the other hand, was awful. In my opinion I thought the subjects were very unusual. I ended up writing a letter about a new computer game I had got recently. I was disappointed, as I really studied for the letter but nothing I had studied came up. Tomorrow is Geography and Maths paper1, wish me luck!


Keela - Higher Level

Paper 1.The first part of the exam was the aural section. I found cuid A quite easy as it was easy to understand the people talking and the questions were not hard to understand. Cuid B I found a little harder as the people on the c.d were talking quite fast I thought but still answerable. Cuid C I found the hardest out of all parts of the aural.Next were the Léamhthuiscints. I was happy with the reading comprehensions on The Hobbit and and Festival. I found that they were quite easy to find the answers.I found that the verb section was quite easy as it only have a few verbs to change and it was into the present tense.Also the grammar section I found quite easy as well.The last section on paper 1 was the ceapadoireacht. My class were always told to answer question B part ii about the event that happened. We were taught how to write about a car accident or a fire but suprisingly a funny event that happened in school came up. My class found this quite hard to answer.Paper 2.I started paper 2 off with the Litir as I found it had the most marks for a single question. I answered B and found it easy enough but little bits hard to answer as I was not quite sure what parts of one of the points meant.I then answered the prós question Q.2. part B first.I studied the prós " Díoltas an Mhadra Rua" by Seán Ó'Dálaigh, so I found it quite easy to answer as one of the mothuchains was Díoltas. I found the reading comprehension for prós quite hard at times as I was not sure what the question was saying or what some of the words in the comprehension meant.I then answered the Filíocht question. I answered B for Q.4 .I also found that the studied poem was quite easy to answer and one of the types of people went perfectly with the poem. I finished my paper as much as I could with the unseen poetry . I found this the hardest section as I did not know all of the words from the poems or questions. Though it was hard I tried my best to answer the exams and I'm quite happy.

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