Junior Certificate Geography

Gearóid - Higher Level

I started with the short questions as I often find that they give me confidence. I didn't find these particularly hard, as they were not that different from other years.Onto the long questions, I started with question 5, the map one. I didn't find this particularly hard, nothing too difficult. I was only surprised that they asked us to draw an aerial map rather than an OS map. I went to question 4 next on Economic Activities next. I done a lot of work on these topics so I thought it was easy enough. Finishing with question 1, I understood volcanoes and earthquakes, I wrote about flood plains on the rivers section, which I should of wrote on waterfalls in my opinion. However overall I thought that this paper was not too difficult and no major surprises came up.

Helen - Higher Level

I was a bit apprehensive before the geography exam as the course is so expansive with great detail. However, I went in with an open mind! I found that the short questions were quite straight forward. I think it helps that most are multiple choice answers and an optional question here and there. The short questions featured topics such as, limestone rock and carbonation, climates, rivers, population density and features of coastal erosion. Overall I was happy with the short questions.Whilst doing my long questions, I'd thought I'd be stuck for time but fortunately I wasn't! I decided to do questions 2, 3A/B/D and 4. Question 2 was all about the atmosphere such as, relief rainfall, global warming and acid rain. Acid rain coincides with chemical weathering to a certain extent so I was able to write all about it. Question 3A was about Fold Mountains and I had to draw, label and explain the diagram. Unfortunately, I was blissfully unaware that I had written all about mid-Atlantic ridges but I'm confident that I got the next part of it correct!3B was about Population and 3D was about Traffic Congestion, so I felt that section went well. Question 4 included topics such as Farming, Tourism and Fishing. All parts were looking for either 2 reasons, measures, inputs, etc.Overall I was happy with the geography paper.

Art - Higher Level

After two endless days of major exams, in English and Irish, and a two and a half hour long maths exam in the evening, I was almost looking forward to geography... Beginning with the short questions, they seemed to be slightly more narky than usual. For example, my class hadn't covered the named river's location. There also seemed to be one or two new styles of asking questions, like with the ordnance survey early on, they printed the graph in it. Other than that they weren't too challenging. At least I hope they weren't!On to the long questions. Personally, I believe the combinations fell nicely. I answered questions 1, 2 and 3. I normally do the ordnance survey but I couldn't resist the geographical mix when I read it. They were very nice to allow us to write about any river feature in question one. What else was there; explaining fold mountains, traffic congestion, relief rainfall and a few other handy ones. Overall, I seemed very happy with it.

Jane - Higher Level

I was crazy nervous before this exam! I have a really great geography track record, and because I did very well in my pre I had kind of neglected it, that is, until five o clock on the morning of my paper! I crammed loads of information into my head (always a bad idea guys) and was ready to word vomit all of my answers I had learnt on weather, climate, and population, only to see they hadn't come up in the long questions!!! I was distraught, and opted to do Q1 Q2 and Q3. I would have done Q4 but I hadn't revised first year geography before the exam (I've always hated 1st year geography). I completely finished my exam script paper with pages and pages of descriptions, and I left my diagrams until the end, as my teacher had told me to do if you're tight on time. I ended up not doing either of the two diagrams, but I'm not worried about it as they're only worth one out of ten marks, and if you get 9/10 in every long answer question, and do well in the shorts, you'll still get your A. I found though, I was stretching myself a little when I had to write copious amounts of information on acid rain, and ended up putting a lot of my knowledge about acid rain from science in there.Hopefully my examiner will be impressed with my effort, because I really put everything into that exam!!Please note: Blog posts reflect the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union.