Junior Certificate German

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Kate - Higher Level

German is a subject that I thoroughly enjoy. Going into the exam I was incredibly stressed. This was my third last exam and I'm so exhausted I did not put the proper study time into it. I was most stressed about letter topics and possibly listening comprehensions. The exam started and everything was fine until I got to the final listening comprehension. This focused on some sort of class election and I used my knowledge of class elections to fill in some space that I missed. I moved onto reading which I found easier than some of the past years. The reading was quite easy but had some strange tenses. Finally I moved onto the letter. I wrote 4 pages for my letter. The letter focused on pets, summer plans, internet shopping, school trip and school uniform. I found this somewhat tricky as the topics were so specific that you could hardly vary (ie. When pocketmoney comes up you can write about jobs, housework, etc. But you can't write too much about a new pet cat). Finally I wrote my postcard. This was a lovely postcard about a school exchange. I found this  easier than previous postcards and was overjoyed that it wasn't a note. Overall I'm pretty happy with how that went and am going into my final two exams on a positive note!

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