LC Accounting

Ailbhe (Higher Level)

Ah the last exam has come and gone.I have never been so happy in my entire life!And to make matters even better accounting went surprisingly well! :D I spent my weekend alternating at a ratio of 90:1 sun to study.By the time I woke up this morning, I cared so little about the exam that I even pressed the snooze button on my alarm. (What a rebel, I know!) Waiting outside the exam hall, the small class that is accounting was awash with relaxation. This tranquilising atmosphere hedonised by the 25 degree heat was diluted when someone voiced their concern-  "OMG IMAGINE IF INCOMPLETE CAME UP!!!" Suddenly, the nonchalant sun worshippers were in heated debates about predicitions "No way man, not farm""If marginal costing doesn't make a show, I can kiss my first choice goodbye""Tab couldn't come up. Could it?" Thankfully once the exam paper sailed onto my desk all calm was restored. That was until we flicked to questions 8 and 9. Where was marginal? Cash Budgeting? What is this? Fortunately I had myself covered should this situation arise, unfortunately some of my friends weren't so lucky. Cash Flow Depreciation and Control made up the first section. I answered all questions. I wasn't too keen on the Depreciation as it used the lesser practiced reducing balance method which I wasn't too familair with. My Suspense and Service questions from section 2 both balanced after some probing and prodding of figures. Hopefully this means I got them correct. However in the mocks my Suspense question deceptively still balanced even though I got it wrong. I found the theory slightly difficult. It was new and deviated from previous questions. This, coupled with the fact that I immensely dislike the world of business and understand none of its mumbo jumbo jargon, left me slightly worried. But hey, I dont have to think about it until the 18th of August. Thanks for reading!Ailbhe! :D