LC Business

Owen (Higher Level)

Ah business... my favourite subject, so much to say, so much to write about, so much common sense involved but oh so LITTLE time to do the exam!The Paper proved to be a nice little paper overall, nothing out of the ordinary in the short questions, the ABQ was a nice little piece on Management and the use of IT in business quite a walk in the park for a Leaving Cert student.The long questions again had a nice variety from EU policy to franchising and branding it was overall, a nice paper!However with the pros also come the cons, much like every other aspect of the business some of the questions were a bit vague and wishy washy resulting in again what is found in every aspect of business...waffle...but again that is the art of business and proved not too difficult to master! :DAlso the timing!! My poor hand, I now know how those monks felt writing manuscripts all day... God bless them!There was a lot of time management to be done in this exam and it was easy to let yourself go especially on the ABQ. However, I finished with 5mins to spare to have a quick glance back over and tidy things up.Now to get ready for French, oh the joys, thankfully though I have no more full days!A demain, bonne chance!