LC Geography

ISSU Commentary (Higher Level)

The country’s Leaving Cert HL Geography students had a very nice start to this morning’s paper with some really lovely short questions. Complaints had been made in recent years at the level of difficulty of the short questions so perhaps this had been taken into account in compiling this year’s paper as the questions featured on the paper were far from difficult with a particularly lovely question on “Land-use” which will have been a nice, easy markers for the majority of students.The longer questions in Section 2 and 3 had a nice balance with very straightforward questions in the physical environment section. However some students expressed difficulty with part of the first question in the regional geography section which required them to describe and explain the importance of culture in a studied region. The biome elective question also proved to be a little trickier than in past papers, this may have caught some students out if they struggled to get the three points that the marking scheme will require together.Overall, students that were well prepared and ensured that they gave enough points of information to acquire the bulk of the marks going for each question will have fared well this morning.