LC Irish Paper 1

Ailbhe (Higher Level/Ardleibhéal)

Well after that funny little listening comprehension (clean toilets yeah right!) and the Oxegen newsletter just in to my mailbox, I don't feel like I am now 3.5 subjects deep into the abyss of the Leaving Cert.As I leave the great news to sink in, I'll give the blow by blow on Irish.I was very happy to see the debate was highly accessible"There is nothing in store for Gaeltacht areas except decline"I rattled on for cúpla leathanach.....the usual suspects appeared in my essay....Patrick Pearse, Des Bishop, TG4, Foinse, Peig...basically all the ingredients you need to make a hearty Irish stew of a Diospóireacht.Léamhthuiscints were slightly difficult in the sense that I found it hard to substitute my own words for the text. Thank God I already knew a bit about Santiago Di Compostella and Ted Kennedy, making the comprehensions run smoother!The listening comprehension was deceptively éasca, faraor, I am slightly worried that a no mercy marking scheme will be curtha in bhfeidhm?!However I am now faced into a jam-packed evening. I shall wear my pyjamas on the bus, gamble my life away, worry about drochstáid na tíre and do some underage drinking with Muiris and Thomas!Quite happy paper one wasn't too bad.....will I say it? Ah go on....Tús maith leath na hoibre!!! :D

 Owen (Higher Level/Ardleibhéal)

Well it was much to my delight that a lovely essay title came up, 'Daoine atá i mbéal an phobail' ... lovely, how much more lucky could we get!? While it might be a scourge on society in real life, the problems with the government and politics, education and health system and dare I say it the recession are a Leaving Cert Higher Level Irish student’s complete and utter life line during exam time!!Ar an taobh eile, the reading comprehensions did prove to be difficult enough and in a couple of cases, I had to resort to my old tricks of copying and pasting... thank God that wasn't too often... however, it was a bit of a downer for me considering the reading comprehensions are usually one of my stronger points, fingers crossed I still managed to get the majority of marks anyway which I'm confident enough I did... guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist!The listening comprehension proved again to be a little problematic; overall it was quite manageable and got easier as the exam went on. This may have just been a problem with my exam centre as at the beginning, we did experience some technical difficulties with people trying to fix the lights so this was a distraction for many during ‘Cuid A’.Hopefully everything went really well, overall, which I feel it did but I do tend to get caught up on the smaller parts that I didn't get instead of looking at the big picture!Now with Irish Paper 2 and Business tomorrow, I have another long and painful day ahead of me!! These full days are a killer, I'm already wrecked after today and now I have to study for two big exams tomorrow....oh the joys! Can't wait ‘til it’s over... it’s about the only thing motivating me at the mo!