LCA English & Communication


First up this morning for me was English & Communication, I wasn’t too nervous to be honest - just wanted to get it over with!The exam started well with the audio visual question on enterprise, it was about a woman called Jill that was trying to set up her own business and was going around trying to get funding and advice for it. She got advice from the guy that set up Hairy Baby Clothing Co. and I hadn’t heard about that before so I thought that was cool!For my first long question, I chose the question on one of my work placements. I decided to answer it based on my placement with Waterford Youth Art. I had to discuss two of my duties, whether I thought confidentiality was important in the world of work, how it helped to prepare for the world of work and suggest advice for other students going on work placement for the first time. This question went fairly well for me... no problems anyway.In the Communications and Enterprise Section, I chose the question on the enterprise project that I did as part of the LCA programme. For my enterprise project, I was involved in organising a car wash to raise money to hold a bingo day for elderly people in the local area. For the first part of the question, I had to describe my role in the project. I liked this part of the question as it gave me the chance to talk about my role as catering manager which involved preparing sandwiches and other refreshments for the bingo day. I talked about a problem that we had with the finances for the project after that. I had a bit of a problem with the next part of the question which was about how we’d advertised our enterprise so that was probably the trickiest part of the paper for me as I found the next two sections grand as we’d covered all the stuff that was on them in class.I was just happy that it was over and I did my best with all the questions so I think it went well enough!

ISSU Commentary

This morning’s LCA English and Communications exam candidates had a nice opening to their paper with an audio visual section based on an extract from an episode of RTÉ’s, Higher Ground, a series focusing on the progress of budding Irish entrepreneurs,. The episode in question featured an Irish entrepreneur who sought advice from the owner of, a very successful online business which sells clothing with quirky Irish slogans (and which offers ISSU Scholar Card holders a 10% discount!).Questions in Section 2 required students to write a letter of application and CV in response to a job advertisement, to describe one of their work placements and how it prepared then for the world of work, to give an account of their enterprise project and to extract information from a HSE informational poster on swine flu. The final question of Section 2 shouldn’t have left students feeling too much “Under Pressure” as Jedward also had a starring role with students asked to discuss their entrepreneurial characteristics among other questions.Section 3 saw students faced with questions on the takeover of online media, Hairy Baby Clothing Company got another mention with a longer feature question (again, 10% off with your ISSU Scholar Card people!), another question on the lyrics of REM’s “You Are Not Alone” and finally a question on the second Oscar nomination for Ireland’s Brown Bag Films… let’s hope “in the bag” was the verdict to be heard among students after finishing the paper!