Leaving Cert Business

Shay - Higher Level

It was my last test. I walked into the room with fear on my face but thankfully that changed. I opened the paper to the 10 lovely short questions, relatively easy. Then came the ABQ, which was considerable easy compared to previous years. I had to do 4 questions , 1 from part one , 2 from part two and another from either part one or two. I did my first question on "people in business". This question was the easiest out of my 4 chosen questions. My next 3 questions where about "managing". They were all varied in topics. Question 5 had Maslow's hierarchy of needs but the other questions like like 5(B) we're all different and different always relate to the previous questions. Overall, I thought we got a good paper and hopefully a good result. Please note: blog posts reflect the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union.