Leaving Cert German

John - Higher Level

 No major surprises here in a pretty fair paper. As usual, the reading comprehensions were abstract to say the least. The extract from a literary text concerned an overworked journalist falling in love with a life-sized stuffed pig she sees in a toy shop. Those Germans! In the final question, we were asked to explain how the narrator's outlook on life had been changed by the pig. Really, who writes this stuff? The journalistic text was banal in comparison, merely trying to promote the idea of house-swapping holidays. Although the first half of the grammar question was straightforward, the section on adjective endings (which appear to be governed by an infinite number of rules) caused me a fair bit of head-scratching. While the general themes in the letter weren't anything out of the ordinary, the way they were presented was somewhat awkward. Interestingly, I was asked if I blogged, although my limited German vocabulary meant I was forced to lie to my imaginary German penfriend. I didn't find the tape too bad, but unfortunately it wasn't quite as easy as last year's. Ah well, eight down, only two to go. Freedom's getting ever closer! Please note: blog posts reflect the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union. Blogs are updated daily by 6.30 pm on scheduled examination dates.