Leaving Cert Irish Paper 1

Keelyn - Higher Level

This paper was quite a treat. The listening was fairly straight forward and the essay titles were fairly straightforward. The only essay i learned  was heroes so i was delighted to see "daoine cailiula sa la ata inniu ann". overall I'm very happy - roll on paper two :P


Sarah - Ordinary Level

Well.. Irish Paper One is not usually something I would be nervous about... but as it got closer and closer to the exam I began to feel a bit sick. I sat in the room waiting hoping that it would be something easy and to my surprise, it was! The first part was the listening. I flicked through the questions and translated the main words. They were pretty easy questions I thought so me = happy! And thankfully the people speaking on the tape were easily understood too. I got the answers pretty quick so.. (Y) I flicked to the back of the paper to where the writing section was. My teacher got us to do the story and the letter (not sure if it's the same in all schools). I translated both parts of each one, I thought that both seemed pretty easy so once again, I was happy! I did the story first. I did the one about the fog in the mountains, which came to me pretty easily because one of the Sraith Pictúir's or however you spell it was basically the story of the sentence they gave us, so I found that grandddd. Then next was the letter. I chose the one about winning the game & the party afterwards. It was pretty easy to blab on about anything in that one so there was no major difficulty. Overall, I thought it was a good exam and I'm pretty happy with my answers for everything. Hopefully you's all found it okay! :) And hopefully paper two tomorrow will be in everybody's favor! Good luck to you all! :)

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