Leaving Cert Irish Paper 2

Keelyn - Higher Level

The Irish paper this year was an absolute delight. As my teacher had predicted Nelson Mandela was one of the comprehensions and of course Seamus Heaney managed to show his face in comprehension two. As many of us had predicted Dis and An Spailpin Fanach came up although the questions were quite strange. Dis came with the usual question about the role of Sean's wife but then a question about the importance of the survey and one to do with the comhra. You picked two out of the three.The spailpin question was one about the life of the spailpin, the feeling that most effected you and soemthing about the metre of the poem which I couldn't talk about in English not to mind Irish. An trial was a nice easy question about Bean Ui Chatasaigh and her role in the drama.I was quite surprised with how lovely and straightforward this paper was and im very happy about it overall:D

Sarah - Ordinary Level

The relief of having both Irish papers over and done with! After paper one I was kind of worried that they would give a hard paper two because paper one was easy enough (I thought anyway) but my god were we blessed! I tried cramming all those poems and stories in right before the test, which worked wonders.

I opened the paper and looked to the back to see what poems and stories came up. I was quite happy with the stories that came up because I literally went over them the night before and knew them off the top of my head! And the poems that came up - all I can say to whoever put Géibheann on the paper... THANK YOU!! That is my favorite poem... I knew it so well so as you can imagine I was pretty happy to see it there, plus I went over it just before the exam so it was fresh in my mind. I thought that the two comprehensions were decent enough.

The Irish used in both the passage and the questions was easily understood, in my opinion. Same with the poems and stories, I could understand the questions easily enough, with the exception of a few of course... I'm quite glad with the paper two we got and hope everyone else is too :)

Overall though both the papers, one and two, were decent enough and I really can't complain. I'm happy as can be :) I hope everyone else feels the same way I do and good luck with the rest of the exams!

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