Leaving Cert Maths Paper 2

Keelyn - Higher Level:

The one word I would use to describe this exam is better. Paper two was nicer than paper one. Some of the questions were quite tricky especially the last long question, about a clock of all things. There was a lot of probability and statistics. I'm confident I passed it but I doubt by very much.


Aoife - Ordinary Level:

Maths paper 2..... Well, it wasn't ideal but it was decent... It was expected to be more difficult than paper 1 considering the how straight forward that exam proved to be. I feel some of the questions were just oddly phrased and I spent most of my time trying to figure out what it was asking me rather than actually doing maths. The test overall seemed needlessly complicated in words but once you could decipher it, the "maths" part was actually quite easy.


Brendan - Ordinary Level

This was a much better paper overall than Paper 1. Although parts were tricky, the 70 marks available for the question about the property tax was very straightforward and topical. The questions were not too wordy and in line with what was expected. A question about a windmill was also topical, but slightly more challenging. Section A allocated 50 marks to probability and although definitely not my favorite topic it was generally fine. Questions 3 and 4 were also fairly nice. Most candidates seemed relatively happy. A quick change of focus was undoubtedly needed with Irish in the afternoon and many students, excluding me, can see light at the end of the tunnel with a large chunk of the exams now out of the way. Best of luck with Irish Paper 2!

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