Leaving Certificate Design & Communications Graphic

Rob - Higher Level

And so my final exam came. I've always liked DCG but skewed lines and dihedral angles can give me trouble sometimes, and these were all over the paper today! I only managed to get three of the short questions done and I know I didn't do one fully correct, so I'm a little worried I may have lost a grade there.The roads question was straight forward enough, however I found the part saying two lines were level confusing. We're they just level individually or both at the same level? I chose what was easier to draw so hopefully this will pay off.I found some of the final parts in the other questions challenging. I managed to do 5 long questions altogether which I'm quite happy with.After an absolutely diabolical chemistry exam, I'm glad I finished my leaving cert on a more positive, reassuring note. Overall I'm a little disappointed, I feel I was really burned out this week in particular. If ever there is proof that our current system needs changing, it's after seeing the amount of stress the current leaving cert causes. If continuous assessment was more widely used, I know I would have gotten better grades and more points.Let's hope we're all happy in August!Please note: Blog posts reflect the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union.