Maths P1 - #JC2017 - Diego Brule

Diego Brule - Colaiste Einde Salthill GalwayHigher Level

If I previously said that I wasn't prepared at all for English, for Maths it was the complete opposite (I completed all my maths EDCO past exam papers). I was very looking forward to this exam as I had complete confidence in all its topics, except in sequences. And guess what topic was 3 out of 15 questions in the exam? Sequences.But still, I managed to finish all questions with 50 minutes to spare, so I used this extra time to go back to these confusing sequence questions to smooth out whatever messy maths I had already done, and it went surprisingly well. This is in no small part thanks to the log book, which provided me with a beautiful formula for a 4-part question that otherwise I would've left completely blank.So after this rather uneventful test which was easier than I expected, I signed out 15 minutes before the exam was over and went over to my friend to discuss the hard questions, only to destroy my perfectionist hopes. I walked out of the exam feeling I scored a good 95%-98%, and then after talking to him I realised I probably already lost around 10% in stupid mistakes. And by stupid, I don't mean not knowing how to do the maths, I mean reading a question wrong and doing a completely irrelevant set of maths. Maybe this explains why I found it so easy?But oh well, I'm making these kind of mistakes ever since 1st grade (I think it's called 1st class here?). Hopefully one day I'll learn to read.All my hopes and dreams now with paper 2, which in my opinion, is the easier of the two. (Anyone wanna teach me how to read from here to Monday?)#JC2017 #StateExams #ISSU17