Project Rainbow

What is the purpose?
This competition hopes achieve a series of goals:
1. Send a strong message, it's ok to be whatever sexuality you want and it's not ok to be suppressed.
2. Increase collaboration amongst lgbt+ students and students in support of lgbt+.
3. Help end homophobic bullying in post primary schools.
4. Allow students to express through art themselves in a colorful visual display.
What's the prize?
The ISSU will organise an LGBTQ+ speaker to come to your school and do a free talk.
What's the deadline?
Deadline for entrants is the 25th of November.
How is it judged?
The Welfare and Equality panel will be shown photos of the all applications and will then narrow them down to their favourite 10. Photos of the top 10 applications will then be posted on Facebook. There will then be an open vote between the 25th of November- 2nd of December. The winner will be the photo with the most likes at the end of the voting period.
How do I enter?
1.Set up a committee/ group in your school that will make the display.
2. Think of ideas and then construct your creation.
3. Take a picture of your display and email it to along with a tittle for your project and the school you attend.
What requirements should the display follow?
1. Must contain at least 5 of the seven colours in a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo,violet).
2. Must be made in your school and by students.
3. Needs to be put in a prominent spot to make sure large numbers of students see it.
4. Should be as big and creative as possible.
5. It should be made in group, the bigger the group the better there are no limits on number of students that can take part.