Regional Councils 2015

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 What exactly are they, and what will take place on the day?ISSU has one statutory national meeting for the year, our AGM. At least once yearly we also hold Regional Councils, the regions being Dublin, Leinster, Munster and Connaught & Ulster. Here our members discuss more regional issues, as well as focusing on a broader range of topics which cannot all be discussed at the AGM.The topics chosen this year are quite simple – student participation in the school environment and effective communication of a student council. Since the activities of a student council can cover almost any topic, we will also be discussing general education matters, welfare and equality of students and all other issues members wish to speak about in the context of student council work.We are inviting every school in the country (members and non-members) to send two delegates to their local Regional Council. Only members will have voting rights and the right to run for election, so if you are interested in doing either of these, register your school now at It’s free!Please see the Regional Council registration form  for details of dates, times and venues for each Regional Council. If you are curious about ISSU or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01 443 4461 or email us at
[DUBLIN] Wednesday 11th November - Trinity College Dublin
[LEINSTER] Friday 13th November - Trinity College Dublin
[MUNSTER] Wednesday 18th November - UCC, Cork
[CONNAUGHT & ULSTER] Event postponed, date to be announced shortly!